In this post-Tony Bees world, New Yorkers are more vulnerable than ever to attacks from roving swarms of bees. They're under your bed, they're in the crosswalk signals, and they're even stalking our tennis stars. And they're certainly not immune to the charms of scenic Midtown Manhattan.

A roof hive became disturbed in Midtown yesterday, and bees swarmed the area around 44th Street between Vanderbilt and 5th Avenue, creating a "honeytrap" for anyone trying to walk past. But as you'll see in the video below, New Yorkers are far too busy to stop what they're doing because of a few bee stings, especially if they need to pay the parking meter.

We're happy to report no one was injured in the incident, and the bees were safely removed. Because bees are apparently worrying themselves to death, it will be best if we all continue to treat them like we treat our fellow New Yorkers: with a mix of begrudging tolerance and sublime indifference.