The ratdemic has spread to Collect Pond Park, a public park that's open 24 hours in Lower Manhattan (on Leonard between Lafayette and Centre streets). In fact, this may be the new headquarters for the rat movement—just check out this disturbing video courtesy of NYC the Blog (during a visit last night, he notes there had to have been around 40 rats visible).

That scene plays out daily and is just across from the Criminal Courthouse, and one of New York's finest was even reduced to shrieks when encountering the rat army that resides there, exclaiming, "Look at that thing. it's as big as a cat!"

The park contains cracked pavement, large amounts of dirt, and presumably an underground network of rat tunnels. The space is supposedly going to get a $3.5MM makeover in the future, though it's still uncertain when this will begin—so for now, enjoy the free admission to rat zoo! Or just drop by to welcome our new rodent overlords.