Thanks to the efforts of topless activists such as Holly Van Voast and Moira Johnston, New Yorkers (and the NYPD) are now well aware that all people are legally allowed to go topless on the streets of NYC (so long as their flesh doesn't incite a riot). It seems Johnston is expanding her awareness campaign to other cities as well, as you can see in the video below.

This isn't the first time that Johnston, who is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, has strut her stuff around one of our sixth boroughs. A person claiming to be a Philadelphia police officer commented on her actions on message board Philadelphia Speaks, saying: "It is legal in Philadelphia. They made a few phone calls to the Law Department and as long as she isn't inciting a riot, a female walking around topless is legal."

The officer added that the first thing officers were told was, "Don't take any pictures. Or at least don't get photographed taking pictures."

For more things Moira, you can learn more about what spurred her to start her awareness campaign as she walks around Union Square in the video below.