Sure, Pizza Rat epitomizes every New Yorker's constant struggle between a slice and getting on the L train, but we submit that this wee cousin of the rat is even more incredible.

Throughout New York's four centuries of history, its mice have longed to get revenge on the local cats who tormented them. On Sunday, this Youtube video was uploaded, showing how one mouse finally achieved this dream. Titled "Mouse Drives Cat Crazy" with the description, "Watch what happens when a New York City cat isn't able to do his job," it's over a minute of real-life Tom & Jerry antics:

May his legend live forever, or until the next viral vermin video.

Update: The uploader, Yamil Lopera, told us, "My wife and I were walking home last night and as we passed the Health Nut Store (1208 2nd Ave., New York, NY 10065) we saw the cat by the glass door very attentively scoping the area on the sidewalk. Next thing we knew this mouse just ran over and started leaping up and down in front of the cat. I took out my iPhone as fast as I could."