An MTA bus driver has been bus-ted for poring over paperwork while operating a vehicle full of passengers, using his wrists and forearms to turn the wheel instead of his hands.

A several minutes-long video sent to the Post shows the driver casting only the occasional glance at the road in between bouts of musing over his papers. A "transit source" told the tabloid he appeared to be looking at a timetable to ensure he was hitting his stops on time.

“I don’t know what kind of pressure he’s under to stay on schedule, but it can’t be more important than not crashing the bus,” said one horrified commuter.

The video was recorded Saturday around 6 p.m. beginning around 80th Street and Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park. The passenger who shot it told the tabloid the driver remained distracted for the duration of her trip, when she finally got off the bus at 111th Street.

“I couldn’t believe he was doing it for this long,” she said. “I was in shock, with the amount of deaths by buses. It was worse before I got the camera out.’’

The driver has been taken off the road pending an investigation.