Video: NYC Bike Messengers in Death Defying Action

Speaking of bike messengers doing intense things like breaking windows of limos with their bare hands, here's more video of young messengers racing around NYC streets—and sometimes on sidewalks and highways! Intercut with the high-speed action shots (by the guy who did Empire) are short interviews with these characters, who [SPOILER!] share stories about their various accidents, such as: "I broke my ribs and bruised my spleen. It wasn't cool pissing blood for three days." Oh, and: "I was in the hospital for a couple weeks, broke my jaw in three places... destroyed the trigeminal nerve in my face. I can't feel the right side of my face for the rest of my life, but it doesn't matter. I still ride. I surf traffic!"

Messengers from NFGTV on Vimeo.

This excellent little short comes to us courtesy Stefan Springman at NFGTV (with additional action footage by Luke Stiles).

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