A woman was arrested after going on a racist, anti-immigrant rant threatening other passengers on a Rockland County bus.

Anne Marie Messiano, 57, was charged with disorderly conduct for the incident, which happened on June 30th on a bus in the area of Route 303 and Orangeburg Road in Orangeburg. "Get out of my fucking country," she said during the rant, which was captured on video by other riders. "You got a fucking problem with that, call the fucking police. And I hope that you all got your motherfucking papers, you shut up...I'm sick of you motherfuckers." Someone did indeed call the police.

"Go back to your fucking country," she shouted at the bus driver. "First of all motherfucker, in this country we have what's called the First Amendment rights, okay? Which I can say whatever the fuck I want, okay?"

One passenger, Vladimir Philidore, told News12 that there was no apparent reason why the woman started the rant: "I just kept recording her. She's just going at the mouth, with the racial slurs. The N words." He also told Pix11 that she started to choke him after she realized he was filming her.

After her arrest, Messiano was hit with additional charges of aggravated harassment and criminal obstruction of breathing.

"Ignorance at its finest, saw this nonsense today coming home from work today on the bus," wrote Zoe Mac, who took one of the videos. "One of the reasons why I don’t like public transportation but then again it also motivates me, racism never died and this is what people like me and who can relate go thru..."

Rockland County officials told Mount Pleasant Daily Voice that Orangetown Police had "also dealt with [Messiano] earlier in the day for the same type of conduct."

In a Facebook post, Orangetown town supervisor wrote of the incident:

Yesterday some unhinged racist went on a mini-rampage of sorts on a Transport of Rockland bus as it was passing through Orangetown, creating a disturbance by physically and verbally attacking passengers and the bus driver. I want to commend our Orangetown Police Department, who were called to the bus and arrested the woman in question, and the other passengers on the bus for how they handled the situation.

Though her name is not being released due to her being charged with violations, as opposed to misdemeanors or above [UPDATE: new charges were filed and her name is now public, see comments below], her behavior is forever enshrined on the internet among the great idiots of our time, and I hope she learns a lesson in appropriate behavior and tolerance from the experience as she is recognized on the street as "crazy racist lady from the bus" for the next several years of her life.