When Antonio Cromartie was traded to the NY Jets, the team advanced him $500,000 to help clear up some financial issues. See, Cromartie not only owed an agent some money, he also has eight kids. By at least six women. In at least five states. In last night's episode of Hard Knocks, Cromartie was asked to list the children (video below).

Here's the list, according to Shutdown Corner: "Alonzo, 5; Keris, 3; Myjunia, 3; 'my daughter who just turned three', 3; Tyler 3; London, 10 months; Lelani, 2, and, finally, Jersey, who looks to be a newborn." Yes, that's four three-year-olds; as Black Sports Online puts it, "His Soldiers were doing work in 2007."

The Post's Bart Hubbuch Tweets, "Cromartie told me he stumbled with his kids' names because the 'Hard Knocks' producers told him to pause deliberately between each. #Jets"