There's nothing quite like skipping work and getting together with the boys for a little fishing and brewskis expedition. And whenever Captain Jeff Crilly and his pals set off for some R&R off the coast of New Jersey in the Big Nutz Required II, Crilly's 31-foot Bertram sport boat, you can bet your ass that they're gonna find a little piece of heaven along the way. But the Good Time Boys were in for a shocker on Monday when they had a ONCE IN A LIFETIME encounter with a shark whose name is definitely Chompy the Shark (we would also accept Chompers, Monsieur Chomps, Lady Chompsalot, Count Chompula, or Eric).

Crilly and the boys were about 30 miles southeast of Manasquan Inlet when the encounter took place on Monday. "Get that fucking thing," one fisherbro says in the video below. "Oh my god! This thing is huge!" Squeals, hooting and celebrations followed. "Dude that was the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen!" one dude says. "Dude, that was insane! Oh my god! Once in a lifetime, man!" You're gonna want to put your headphones on and your volume up to really appreciate this one:

Crilly told the Asbury Park Press that he and his four-man crew were participating in a mako shark tournament; they had several types of bait in the water as attractors, "including the body of a small tuna drifting on a rope and the bag of grounded up fish bait."

"We've fished for sharks a lot and never seen anything like that. We were amazed by how big it was," Crilly told them. He estimated the shark's length was more than half the size of the Big Nutz Required II, around 16-18 feet. "It was harder to guess the weight because we had nothing to compare it to, but it was probably about 2,000 pounds," he added.

As any fisherbro knows, sharks will come and go like the tide on the beach. All that's left to do now is keep on livin' that fish life, one Big Nutz Required II ride at a time.