A black bear tried to blend in to its surroundings by walking upright through a sleepy suburban neighborhood in Jefferson Township, NJ this week. As you can see in the remarkable video below, he casually pokes through a garbage can for any sign of fish innards or porridge remnants, just like any normal bipedal human would.

And here's another video allegedly of the same bear at work:

But a-ha! As the old proverb goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the pie, and the honey doesn't fall far from the jar. For you see, this isn't the first upright bear sighting in NJ in recent weeks: a black bear got into a home in Vernon, NJ by breaking through a window screen last week. And then his paw accidentally "hit the sink faucet, turning on the water which then flooded the kitchen countertop," except it probably was no accident, because the bear wanted to flood the home and collect the delicious salmon that would obviously flow forth. While bears may have learned to mimic people's gaits, they certainly have yet to full comprehend how real estate works.

And on July 19th, a black bear was caught on video in nearby Oak Ridge, NJ walking on two legs like a human tiptoeing in a bear suit. Vernon and Oak Ridge are each a stone's throw away from the Black Bear Golf Course, where stressed-out bears go to unwind and avoid spending time with their cubs.

Three times in three weeks in a relatively close area—have bears begun to learn the ways of people, or is there one incredibly busy magic bear who perhaps moonlights on the side curing numb vaginas?

[h/t Gawker]