Newt Gingrich just can't catch a break. First this terribly rude gentleman accosts him about "insulting" Paul Ryan and the GOP's hilarious "Path to Prosperity," then it leaks out that he has a weird, expensive fetish for the prissiest jewelry ever. It's enough to drive a man into the arms of a younger, blonder lover! At a book signing yesterday a man "glitter bombed" Gingrich, telling him to "feel the rainbow, Newt! Stop the hate! Stop anti-gay politics!" Given the caliber of glitter that appears to have been used, it must have been really hard for Gingrich to refrain from immediately belting out "The Way We Were," and getting gay married on the spot.

Two Associated Press reporters were on hand to see the entire thing and even snap a photo, so naturally Newt had to be on his best behavior and said it was "nice to live in a free country" after the attack. Gingrich also appeared that night at a dinner with dead-eyed banshee Michele Bachmann to give a speech for the Minnesota Family Council, an anti-gay marriage group. The protester, Nick Espinosa, has pulled stunts like these in the past to highlight issues like immigration reform. Why couldn't he have just gotten Newt's autograph on his Glock like everyone else?