Conservative lion and real life Pillsbury Doughboy Newt Gingrich has been a changed man since the election last week: after being "dumbfounded" by the margin of Obama's victory over Romney, Gingrich has been going around trying to make sense of this brave new world in which elderly white men are just another minority group. And on The Colbert Report last night, Gingrich declared that Super-PACs are "very negative and very destructive of our system." Of course, he also declared that he still wants a moon base. Watch below.

Gingrich also appeared on The Today Show to reflect on the election, and he wrote an op-ed for Politico in which he called on Republicans to "stop talking and spend some time thinking" for the sake of the whole movement. "For the conservative movement and the Republican Party to succeed in the future (and while they are not identical the two are inextricably bound together) we will have to learn the lessons of 2012," he wrote. "An intellectually honest and courageous Republican Party has nothing to fear from the current situation."

Gingrich's statements about Super-PACs might lead you to believe that he is indeed now walking down the road of intellectual honesty which so many of his colleagues have avoided like true Americans forgoing elevators. But Gingrich made similar statements about the Super-PACs last winter (Citizens United decision was “a great victory for free speech”) when he was still running for president—and that didn't stop him and his Super-PAC, Winning Our Future, from accepting over $20 million from billionaire backer Sheldon Adelson.

So will Gingrich follow through with his Super PAC rhetoric? We certainly hope so, as long as it doesn't affect our next Super Newt Sleepover Party.