Student activists have released two more videos to complement last week's footage of an NYPD officer violently arresting a protester during a march in solidarity with student protesters at the University of California. Both videos depict some of the activities leading up to the arrest of two individuals—neither of whom are actually enrolled at the New School, according to university spokeswoman Deborah Kirschner.

The arrested students, Maria Lewis and Drew Phillips, are actually enrolled at NYU, and members of the Take Back NYU group, which occupied a cafeteria in February. According to NY News, they were released two hours after the arrest on charges of disorderly conduct. The video above is a protest montage set to music, and shows the demonstrators blocking traffic; chanting; crashing a "yuppie" party; and scattering trashcans, newspaper boxes and plastic barricades across Fifth Avenue—all to send a warm wave of solidarity to University of California students fighting a tuition hike.

Below, the seven minute video shows the shrillness in full; skip ahead to the 2:43 mark where they walk though the "yuppie" art opening, and then to the 5:25 mark, just after the arrests. Following an invigorating round of chanting "From New York to Greece, fuck the police," one protester demands to know where the arrested individuals are being taken, to which one cop replies, "You want to go with them? Get the fuck out of here!" Another demonstrator scolds the officer: "You shouldn't talk to a woman that way! What happened to courtesy, professionalism, and respect?" SPOILER: A dance party ensues outside the precinct. With glow sticks.