After the dust cleared in yesterday's New School building occupation and police confrontation that resulted in 22 arrests, demonstrations continued into the night Friday with around 200 protesters marching south from Union Square towards President Bob Kerrey's house before being blocked off by police officers at 11th Street.

Meanwhile police continued to answer questions about their handling of protesters earlier in the day following video captured by a freelance journalist who caught altercations between protesters and cops on 14th Street. The NY Civil Liberties Union said that the rough handling during the arrests "raises serious concerns" and is "a violation of civil rights plain and simple."

After initially denying reports that pepper spray was used during arrests, Paul Browne backed down upon seeing the video that contradicted his stance. By day's end Browne said, “Now, once I see it, I know what is going on."

Police released their own video (seen below) to show how peacefully negotiations went during the arrests that took place inside the occupied building. In the video's YouTube description, it states, "No force of any kind was used in affecting the arrests of nineteen individuals who were charged with burglary, riot, and criminal mischief."

New School officials said that suspensions would be on the way for "New School in Exile" students involved in the occupation. With the takeover beginning at 5:30 in the morning yesterday, not all students who has hoped to take a stand were able to make it out. The Post talked to one jazz major who told them, "I hoped to be there. But I slept through the text messages. I got here three or four hours late."