[UPDATE BELOW] And here we have video of a NJ Transit private bus driver multitasking while cruising down the highway on Friday. He's probably just sending a text to his wife to let her know he's going to be home late because he picked up a second shift at the other job he works as part of a desperate attempt to pay off their mortgage. Hopefully he won't get fired, but we have to weigh this man's pension against the public's right to not die in a fiery bus crash. Also, page views!

The pan over to the "Cell Phone Use Is Prohibited" sign really is priceless. NJ Transit has not responded to a request for comment on the video (all their authorized spokespersons were in a meeting this morning). But state law in NJ prohibits drivers from using handheld devices (which includes texting) while driving. We'll update when we hear back from NJ Transit.

Courtney Carroll, a spokesperson for NJ Transit, tells us it's a private bus line, "not a New Jersey Transit bus." (The person who uploaded the video identified it as "a NJ Transit Private Bus Line.") Carroll says, "There are private bus routes, and there are contracted routes where a private carrier will operate under contract with us." But she was not able to confirm what bus route this was. So maybe our text-happy Ralph Kramden dodged a bullet here!