A 37-year-old Chinatown man was arrested yesterday and forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he allegedly held his roommate hostage and menaced him with a knife, according to police. And did we mention that the roommate ended up escaping the apartment by smashing open a window and jumping down one story in his skivvies? He did and yes, there is video:

According to reports the two were fighting because the victim was trying to boot his attacker from the apartment.

"We heard glass break, so we looked up and saw a man in the window," a crossing guard at the corner told the Post. "We heard him say, 'Call the police.'"

But the man wasn't about to wait for the police to save him, so after shattering the window he climbed out and walked across the Chen Wong Restaurant awning and jumped to the ground. And yes, there was gore. "I saw him come out the window. There was a lot of blood, it looked like some 'Hellraiser' stuff," the building's super said.

The man was quickly taken to Bellevue where he was treated for his injuries. Meanwhile, the roommate remained barricaded in his apartment for another three hours until he surrendered to the police a little after noon. Charges are pending.