Earlier this week, NBA superstar Kevin Durant delighted basketball fans by putting on a clinic at different streetball and summer league games at Rucker Park and Baruch College in the city. Durant showed up again last night to play at the Dyckman Tournament in Washington Heights, but he was upstaged this time by Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, who got into an argument with a heckling fan, palmed his head like a basketball, and shoved him aside. Watch the video below:

According to TMZ, the fan had been heckling Beasley all game, screaming taunts such as, "You're a f**king bum ... you ain't sh*t Beasley." Eventually, Beasley approached him and said, "I've never been a bitch ... I'll show you that right now." Onlookers and officials were surprised by Beasley's response: "He has to know he's going to hear (heckling) up here. Doesn't he know he can get sued for doing that?" one tournament official told ESPN.

Even Durant sounded a bit taken aback by the incident, Tweeting last night: "Yo dyckman was too crazy...I had fun but we lost...my time in new york was cool..." However, Beasley reportedly found the fan at the end of the game, and shook his hand. Check out some highlights of Durant and Beasley going at each other below: