During the Knicks' "Basement Battle" win over the Nets yesterday, there was one sour moment for New York coach Mike D'Antoni. It was when Nate Robinson threw the ball at the Nets basket—and it went in—just after the first quarter buzzer. As Deadspin put it, "rather than quietly hand the ball to an official, or even chuck a desperation heave 80 feet down the court, [Robinson] decided to show what a good three-point shot he's got when no one is guarding him, and there's nothing at stake."

D'Antoni was reportedly "livid" at Robinson, who later said, "He was like, 'What if it went in?' I was like, 'My bad.' I waited to the buzzer went off. He talked to me about it and to be ready to play." Still, Robinson didn't get much playing time after that. D'Antoni said, "Nate's great, we don't have any problems. He's just got to take that next step forward of not messing with the game and he'll be fine."