Nepotism abounds in New York City, but rarely does it wave a Dunkin Donuts bag. "My Dad owns half of fucking Manhattan," slurs our graphic-tee'd protagonist. "Tell me it's your property and I'm gonna call the cops. Cause you think I don't own the cops?"

Later, "Jerry" adds, "Do you want me to call fucking Bill de Blasio on you right now? He's a fucking liberal but I'll fucking call him." [See transcript below]

FlatironConfrontation from Gothamist on Vimeo.

The YouTube user who uploaded the video claims it was shot last week, and that the allegedly sodden group had just exited Pranna. The popular brunch spot (more on Brunch here) has been a magnet for Community Board complaints in the past. A manager at the restaurant told us that she was unaware of any incidents that occurred at brunch last Sunday, but maybe that's because she's in the pocket of Jerry's Dad.

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Transcript of the encounter:

Woman: “Can you please not do that? Thanks.”

"Jerry": “Hey, you have to go away. Alright, I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you need to listen to me right now. Alright, can you listen to me? Can you listen to me? Are you a human being? Are you a human being?

Videographer: “Get the fuck off my property.”

"Jerry": “This is your property?”

Videographer: “Yes, you guys need to leave.”

"Jerry": “This is your property? Is this your property?”

Videographer: “Yes, leave...”

"Jerry": “My dad’s in fucking real estate, you’re going to tell me this is your property.”

Videographer: “Shut up, dude.”

"Jerry": “My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan and you’re going to tell me this is your property? You’re going to tell me this is your property, and you are going to tell me that right now? Tell me this is your property and I’ll call the cops. Because you don’t think I own the cops? You think the fucking man who does fucking real estate doesn’t own the cops?”

Videographer: “Yeah? What’s your name Mr. ‘I Own Half Of Manhattan’?”

"Jerry": “Really? Fucking "Jerry" Adjmi—look up my fucking last name.” 

Videographer: “Okay, great. Please call the cops, "Jerry".”

"Jerry": “Alright, really? You want me to?”

Videographer: “Yes, I’d love for you to call the cops.”

"Jerry": “Fine. Morgan! Morgan! Call the fucking cops.”

Videographer: “Please call the cops. Oops, your friend just fell. Why don’t you go worry about your friend.”

"Jerry": “Really? Is that what he did? Is that what he did?”

Videographer: “Your friend is passed out on my fucking sidewalk.”

"Jerry": “And what are you doing? What are you doing?”

Videographer: “You guys need to call the cops and get your friend an ambulance because he can’t even walk.”

"Jerry": “And why are you taking pictures?”

Videographer: “Because I’m trying to get this place—”

"Jerry": “Is that your legal right? Is that your legal right?”

Videographer: “Yes, it absolutely is.”

"Jerry": “It really is? Because I’m a fucking lawyer. Tell me how that’s your fucking legal right?”

Videographer: “Oh I thought you were in real estate?”

"Jerry": “Who are you? What do you do for a living? You fucking take fucking pictures? Is that your fucking living? You want me to call the fucking Bill de Blasio on you right now? He’s a fucking liberal but I’ll fucking call him. You take your hand off that camera right now. My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan, if you ever want a fucking job in your life you tell me right now. I know those cameras don’t take videos so what do you want to do with me? What do you want to do with me? What do you want to do?”

Videographer: “I don’t care about you. Your friend here needs help.”

"Jerry": “Is that what you want? You want to take video of it? You want to take video of a person in need? Is that what you really what to do? Is that what you want to show your fr—your kids? Is that what you want to show your kids? You want to show your kids that? You’re a fucking opportunist. You’re a fucking opportunist is that what you want to show your friends?”

Videographer: “Let’s go. Let’s go guys. Alright, you’re almost off my property. So keep walking.”

"Jerry": “What property? Where’s your property? Cause my dad’s a fucking real estate agent in fucking New York and you tell me where’s your fucking property? Okay? And I’ll call the fucking cops.”

Videographer: “You’re not allowed to touch me, dude. So right now you’re committing a crime.”

"Jerry": “You’re not allowed to touch me, okay? Who will win that lawsuit, the guy who has half the cops in his pocket or the fucking schmuck, the fucking loser, who’s trying to take a video? Who’s going to have the fucking cops in his pocket at that point? Who? Who?”