Eight people were injured after a NYC Transit bus was sent flying into parked cars, onto the sidewalk and against a wall in Brooklyn yesterday. Just before 6 p.m., he bus was traveling in Red Hook, down Dwight Street at Coffey Street, when a livery cab hit it.

Witnesses say the cab ran a stop sign; one explained to WCBS 2, "That black Camry was coming on Coffey Street, and it broke the stop sign. It went past the stop sign without stopping. And the bus is coming this way, and the two cars collided and sent the bus into the sidewalk."

According to the Daily News, "The bus veered sharply as it tried to avoid being hit by the car" then "lurched into at least three parked cars before hitting the brick wall of the Linda Tool machine parts business." One man working inside the building tells the News, "It jumped right onto the sidewalk. The windshield was gone from the bus, that’s how hard it hit."

Michael DeMarino, who owns Linda Tool, said, "We didn’t know if one of our machines malfunctioned, or we got hit with lightning. It felt like an earthquake. It was tremendous."

CBS 2 aired surveillance video of the bus hitting the wall:

The bus driver and Camry driver were both taken to the hospital. Other bus passengers had minor injuries, and one man who had been between parked cars was pinned when the crash shoved them together. The crash is still being investigated.