Distracted driving is illegal, but it's extra illegal when the vehicle in question is a bus filled with commuters trusting you with their lives. You wouldn't peruse Instagram while piloting a plane, would you? Or...would you. Let's just move on!

The Staten Island Advance obtained this sigh-worthy video of an MTA bus driver cruising down the New Jersey Turnpike, casting occasional glances at the road, but mostly looking at his cell phone. This occurred during Wednesday's historically brutal downpour, so he was probably checking the weather.

The tipster said the driver spent much of his time behind the wheel of the X22A express bus—which was headed from Manhattan to Staten Island—with his eyes on the screen. But let's look on the bright side—it's better than the alternative!

"Initially, I thought he was sleeping," she told the paper. "Then I saw he was texting." What a relief. An MTA spokesperson tells the Advance, "We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy when it comes to texting while driving. We will investigate, identify the bus operator and take appropriate disciplinary action."

Though texting while driving is a cherished pastime among many bus drivers, it needs to not be. Last July, an 8-month-old girl was killed after a bus struck a light pole along the New Jersey waterfront, causing the pole to topple onto the baby's stroller.