You know how most people pray not to be seated next to a crying baby on a flight? Well, we are now going to spend the rest of our lives praying to be sat next to a penguin. Because, yes: Penguins can fly! First class, even. Seriously, we've got your proof right here:

These particular penguins, Pete and Penny, came from Sea World and were coming to town for the premiere of Discovery Channel's new documentary Frozen Planet. Initially the birds were kept in their cages up front, but when the plane hit cruising altitude they were allowed to walk the aisle. "You can take pictures, but we ask that you don't touch them," the captain reportedly announced on the Atlanta-New York flight on Wednesday. Oh, and also: The captain first asked passengers, "Is anyone here allergic to penguins?"

The best part of this story? Apparently penguins flying commercial happens not infrequently. Here's another video of three different Sea World penguins roaming the aisles of a Southwest flight from Florida to LaGuardia last month: