For far too long innocent children growing up in Obamerica have been brainwashed to believe that they should feel guilty for being such awesome Americans. Mike Huckabee is pretty fed up with what he describes as this "blame America first attitude prevalent in today's teaching." And instead of just sitting around on the sidelines waiting to be President, Huckabee has made it his mission to reeducate America's youth with a series of animated history lessons, available for just $15 each! The first one aims to set the record straight on our 40th president; it's called The Reagan Revolution, and it will rock your worldview:

That's just a taste (too much enlightenment too fast could be irreparably blow your mind but you get the idea: Ronald Reagan saved America from the dangers of debt and knife-wielding thugs in disco t-shirts whose morals "are just gone!" The series follows a group of time-traveling cartoon kids who skip around through history learning the Huckabee way. Did you know there were skinheads in Nazi Germany? That's just one of the "numerous truths which are amazingly relevant even to this day" your kids will discover in each video.

In a promo video about the videos, Huckabee says "They're teaching with political bias that distorts facts for the sake of political correctness. As a result, our national pride and patriotism are in jeopardy... We don't feel bad about the great things America has achieved—we celebrate our success!" Thanks, Mike, but if it's all the same to you we'll stick to Outerscope II when it's time to teach our kids.