Something incredible has been happening in Flushing over the last month: the Mets haven't been doing anything wrong. They made smart, meaningful trades at the deadline. They shed tears and rallied together as a team. None of their players have sucker punched each other. They started having fun and they started winning games, going on a 10-2 hot streak to take hold of the NL East. And they have a yellow parakeet to thank for that.

Apparently, there are colonies of parrots and parakeets who have made their home near Citi Field. Players already knew about these birds hanging around, but things came to a head last night when one of the newest Mets, Yoenis Cespedes, hit his first home run as a Met and credited the yellow parakeet with inspiring him.

He was so mesmerized by the bird, he wore a yellow armband during the game. "I just used [the armband] because I know there was a bird in the field and I just want to look like the bird,” Cespedes said after the team's 3-0 win last night. "Maybe it would bring me some luck.”

Mets SNY commenters were more nervous about the bird's fate: "Where do you belong, little parakeet?” play-by-play man Gary Cohen asked the cosmos. "I’m just afraid if somebody hits a foul ball back in the screen, the parakeet might be in trouble."

This isn't the first time the Mets have put all their faith on the shoulders of a feathered mascot: back in 2013, the team was inspired by 'Little Jerry Seinfeld,' named after the toughest cockfighting rooster on the Upper West Side. And scientists to this day still have no idea what species Mr. Met belongs to.