It's only the NFL preseason, so we know everyone's rusty, nothing really matters, there's a lot of time to get into game shape, disclaimer disclaimer etc etc. Having said that, of course Mark Sanchez would kick off the Jets' year with an interception on his third pass of the game, as you can see in the video below. As Descartes once put it, "I am Mark Sanchez therefore I throw interceptions."

Quarterback-in-waiting Geno Smith also got injured in the 26-17 loss to the Detroit Lions, though it isn't expected to be serious. After another near interception, Sanchez (who had a league-high 52 turnovers over the last two seasons) got his bearings, finishing the game 10-for-13 for 125 yards. "Other than one crappy play, it wasn't too bad," Sanchez said, bashfully summing up his entire Jets career pretty succinctly.