These enterprising black car and Uber drivers found the cheat-code for rush-hour traffic in Hell's Kitchen yesterday.

In the video, the rude dudes drive three whole blocks down Ninth Avenue, from West 47th Street to West 44th Street, in the protected bike lane. Road-safety-loving Twitter denizen E.B. Lefferts wasn't pleased with the NYPD's handling of traffic enforcement in the area.

For some perspective, there were 95 crashes at those four intersections in 2015, resulting in nine people injured, six of them pedestrians, according to NYPD data. Three of the crashes involved cyclists.

The NYPD doesn't include 'driving in bike lanes' as a category in its monthly breakdowns of traffic tickets. Cops with the three precincts straddling this piece of Manhattan have written a combined 229 speeding tickets so far this year, though, according to police stats.

Other Twitter folks chimed in to say this isn't the first time the bike lane turned into an ultra-dangerous fast lane for roving bands of outlaw drivers.

An NYPD spokeswoman told us police can't write moving violations for behavior they didn't personally witness. The state Department of Motor Vehicles handles red light and speed camera tickets. The police spokeswoman said the department is planning a full-court press against reckless drivers next week. A similar push in May resulted in cops writing 14,264 moving violations and 149,226 hazardous parking summonses in a five-day period.