Yesterday, a man was stabbed on East 103rd Street—and it was caught on a witness's iPhone. According to the Daily News, a "man wielding a knife and wearing a bloody eye patch repeatedly stabbed a homeless man" while horrified passers-by and cops (with their guns drawn) watched. The witness said, "He just literally pulls out a pocket knife and starts stabbing the man in the neck like a couple of times."

The incident occurred in the middle of the sunny day, which meant "four or five toddlers with their nannies were among the more than 20 people to witness the bloodshed in front of a synagogue and steps from two public schools and a day care center." The witness says the violence erupted because the man in the bloody eye patch claimed the homeless man owed him some money. Police officers, who arrived at the scene quickly because the 23rd precinct is nearby, ended up not needing to use their guns and were able to pull the stabber away from the victim.