Where will we live when the hedge fund managers and young creative digital tech poet-coder innovators drive up the rent in our "Micro-Units" to 10,000 B£oombergs/month? This man who has carved a living space out of a dumpster in Brooklyn inadvertently gives us a glimpse of where we might lay our Future Heads.

HGTV [rinses mouth with water, spits] profiled Gregory Kloehn, who bought a commercial dumpster for $2,000, and added a sink, stove, toilet, shower, and grill. The dumpster even has retractable windows, for when you want to surprise your significant other with a little ray of morning sun to accompany breakfast in bed, which is also your kitchen, bathroom, living room, toilet, dumpster.

"People say, 'Well, I don't even barbecue at my house. You got a barbecue in a garbage can, and a little minibar.' I think they're just surprised that someone would take something like this and spend enough time to make it a home."

Minibars: what can't they do?