This must be one of everyone's worst nightmares: Getting trapped between the subway and platform. Just after midnight on Thursday, a man got his leg caught between the D train and platform at the Grand Street station on the Lower East Side. One onlooker took video of the man while he was trapped.

WPIX and WABC aired it and the news anchors cringe and shudder in reaction. We're including both videos because they mention different details. For instance, according to WABC 7 (video after the jump), NYC Transit says the man was drunk and had been running down the steps when he fell and got trapped. The train was leaving the station at the time, but the conductor saw him and stopped the train. The man was taken to Bellevue with non-life-threatening injuries.

Last month, a woman fainted and fell into the L train tracks; an onlooker jumped down, tried to lift her out but didn't have enough time so he placed her in the space between the rails and the woman survived with the train passing over her. In March, a woman was crushed by a 6 train after she jumped into the tracks to retrieve a bag.