How was your morning commute? Did you get into a fistfight with some cops or witness a near-riot in the subway station? If you missed out on that sort of thrill, you may enjoy this video of pandemonium at the Broadway Junction subway complex in Brooklyn. WATCH as cops struggle to handcuff a man resisting arrest! WINCE as another man punches a cop in the face! FEEL the outrage of bystanders sick and tired of getting pushed around by the po-po! WONDER if watching this video means you're complicit in the downward spiral of a desensitized culture that sensationalizes others' misery! COMMENT below on the distinction between police brutality and necessary force!

It's unclear from the video what sparked the arrests, which took place on or before December 5th. But as the two men are finally subdued and hustled away, one cop waves to the camera and sums up the incident succinctly: "It's cool. It's cool." We contacted the NYPD for details on the arrests, and we'll update if hell freezes over (which could conceivably happen today). [Via Animal New York]