With NYPD tensions running high these days, now is probably not the best time to try to use cops as unwitting extras in your prank video. One self-proclaimed "favorite prankster," Alexander Bok, learned this the hard way last week when he attempted to dance up on a bunch of officers in Midtown, as part of an Ellen Degeneres-inspired "dance dare." Judging by the video, the officers did not seem to enjoy this prank. Instead of dancing, they frisked him and threw him to the ground. Behold:

Degeneres's #DanceDare challenge urges participants to "sneak up behind perfect strangers, to dance behind them without them knowing it." While this seems potentially annoying, dancing in public isn't specifically illegal. But to be fair, startling a cop with your goofy dance just days after two officers were assassinated is at the very least a violation of good taste.

Bok, who filmed this video on Christmas Eve, was successfully able to irritate plenty of non-uniformed New Yorkers before his confrontation with the cops. You can watch the whole video below:

[h/t Raw Story]