Update:The AP is reporting that DNA test results have shown that John Barnes is not the same man as the toddler kidnapped on Long Island 54 years ago. Jerry Damman, the father of the missing Stephen Damman, said to reporters, "It's too bad we had to go through all of this for actually nothing in the end." The story from earlier continues below.

The story of the Michigan man who believes himself to be the same person as the two-year-old toddler kidnapped outside an East Meadow grocery story in 1955 continues to unfold. This morning John Barnes was on The Today Show along with Pamela Horne, the sister of the kidnapped boy, Steven Damman. Horne said that when the two met, there was "an immediate friendship, like we had known each other for years."

While John Barnes is "99-percent sure" that he is Steven Damman, he is currently waiting for DNA test results to confirm it. Naturally all of this leads to serious questions about the parents who raised him. Barnes says that his mother was "trying to tell him" that she wasn't his biological mother while she was on her deathbed (and on morphine) ten years ago.

But Richard Barnes, the father who raised him in rural Michigan, called the allegations "a bunch of foolishness" and told reporters, "I guarantee you we had him from the day he was born. I guarantee you he's mine." The elder Barnes says that his son has had a bone to pick with the family ever since his parents divorced in 1972. John Barnes's sister added, "At one point, he thought he was adopted. And then, he thought he was switched at birth. Now this. Everybody in my family thinks John looks just like my dad."

Richard Barnes says that his son was born in a a Navy hospital in Pensacola, FL, on August 18, 1955, but that he doesn't have a birth certificate. None of the reports nor The Today Show story this morning address whether the Barnes family has any pictures of their son as an infant, something that would be seemingly impossible if they began raising him at almost three years of age.

Here is Barnes and Pamela Horne on Today, where the soft-spoken Barnes simply states, "I didn't want to get old and die and not know." (The interview segment following the back story begins around the 3:30 mark.)