A disturbing video shows a man being beaten up after violently attacking people, vehicles, and buildings around Williamsburg this weekend.

The video uploader wrote of the incident, which is believed to have taken place sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning: "This man went down blocks harassing people and hurting them last night before getting stopped ... his last victim was girl walking down the street , he [grabbed] her and pulled her by her hair. no cops were in the area during this assault which went on for more then 5 blocks in nyc."

Around the 1:10 mark, it's clear the man is on Driggs between Metropolitan and S. Fourth, across the street from Woodhul Wine Bar; the place where he kicks over the plant and menaces the woman is in front of San Loco. A manager at San Loco wasn't aware of the incident, but the co-owner of Sort Of Wine Bar, also on Driggs, said it happened on Friday night.

Police had no information about the man. We've contacted the video uploader, and we'll update when we learn more information about the incident.

Additional reporting by John Del Signore.