The NYPD has not revealed any more details about a man who was charged over the weekend with ten felony counts of using Manhattan pay phones to make "terroristic threats" to kill Mayor Bloomberg. Jeffrey Fisher of Philadelphia (not Robert Morgenthau of New York) is accused of calling 911 to make statements such as, "There are bullets now aimed at the mayor’s head everywhere." NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and his family were also threatened.

It's still unclear how police caught Fisher, but it's emerged that the suspect has a presence on the Internet, appearing in YouTube videos and posting convoluted political comment threads on various websites. Here he is in a video from last year, describing his mission to save the world with Al Gore, or something:

So, yeah, it appears that Fisher is not exactly in the best mental health. Fisher, or someone posing as investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, also believes Mossad is after him, and he also may have tried to run for congress against disgraced congressman Mark Foley in Florida some years ago. In 2007, Fisher apparently commented on Digg, "Last week I went to GUCCI in Manhattan and gave them a flyer about AL Gore and I. They took it with great pride and they said they would fax it to all of the people they do business with."