A 20-year-old was arrested for allegedly stealing an MTA bus from the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island on Monday. An MTA spokesman toldthe Daily News the bus had been left on a ramp at the St. George transit complex while the driver was taking a break. And there is video:

Nickolas Ellias, 20, was arrested about 1.6 miles from where the bus was left—the bus was tracked by its GPS. He allegedly told police, "I want to be a bus driver... I was going to return the bus when I was done." Elias's foster father also told the News, "He tried stealing a bus before, but the police caught him just in time. He’s obsessed with buses. He doesn’t learn," while a friend said, "He’s obsessed with buses. He was always riding them back and forth. He knows all the drivers. He’s always hanging by the bus depot."

He is being held on $10,000 bail. Darius McCollum, an infamous subway and bus super fan, has been arrested dozens of times for impersonating transit workers.