When somebody emails saying they have a great video of a car alarm going off, there's a tendency not to believe this person. How entertaining could something so maddening possibly be? Well, this one's actually pretty good. An area man who insists on being referred to by his stage name davidjr.com tells us this "SUPER loud" car alarm in his neighborhood was blaring all night long. He and his neighbors tried to cope with it in various ways, and here is their story:

Our favorite part is probably (spoiler!) where he says "someone tried to silence the vehicle with a mattress. I go back to my apartment, put headphones on, and watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailers over and over again." We emailed davidjr.com back to ask whether he thinks someone broke into the vehicle in an act of desperate rage (à la Tim Robbins in Noise). We haven't heard back yet, but davidjr.com is probably sound asleep down for routine site maintenance.