A video posted to Facebook earlier this week shows a racist Long Island driver repeatedly referring to a black man as the n-word.

The confrontation happened Wednesday in Deer Park, Long Island, according to a video shared by Bentley Sanon. It shows the man taunting Sanon with racist epithets even after becoming aware that he's being filmed. (WARNING: the video below contains graphic, racist language.)

The incident happened in Deer Park, Long Island, as Sanon was dropping off his son, according to the Facebook post. The video quickly went viral after it was shared by reporter and advocate Shaun King, who called on his followers to help him identify the man. Several people online subsequently fingered him as an employee of Paramount Chimney & Gutter.

David DiMarco, one of the owners of Paramount, said the man in the video is a former employee named Brett Caiet, who left the company in February.

"The guy's a scumbag obviously," DiMarco told Gothamist. "The video's disgusting, and we would never condone that behavior. We were going to fire him when he left, then he tried to come back and we wouldn't take him back."

"Is it surprising? I'd say that it's not really surprising," he added.

Attempts to reach Caiet were unsuccessful.