News 12 The Bronx brings us the latest from The Department Of On-Air Gaffes: anchor Matt Peiper pulled a Sue Simmons yesterday when he was caught on a live mic cursing and bashing people who use government assistance. Watch it below.

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"And Dave wants you to also mention that parents do their fucking jobs and walk their little kids to school on their own and not rely on everyone else," Peiper can be heard saying to reporter Amy Yensi before a report on school crossing guards. "Kind of like people rely on government assistance for their entire lives. And bye Felicia. I actually added the part about government assistance but it’s true. I mean, how old are these kids?"

It was yet another reminder that if there are cameras and hot mics around, on-air personalities, celebrities, politicians and the like should probably keep their controversial, possibly-racist opinions to themselves. A lot of angry viewers complained on their Facebook page, with one woman summarized the general feelings succinctly:

Matt Piper and Amy, are entitled to their opinions, but they also represent the Bronx Community they should be held accountable for the mistake. That kind of discussions aren't appropriate for the work place whether they're on air or not. I am hurt though that they take the issue of public assistance and parenting so lightly. Im glad that he feels that hes so above us. Anyone can fall into poverty

The station later apologized:

As a result of a technical error during a program break this morning, a personal conversation between an anchor and a reporter was unintentionally placed on the air. The conversation included offensive language and inappropriate commentary. News 12 the Bronx deeply regrets that this incident took place. The remarks of these individuals in no way reflect the views of News 12 management or other News 12 personnel. Steps have been taken to deal with the employees involved and resolve the technical issues. We take this incident extremely seriously and we sincerely apologize to all who may have been offended.

Of course it's no "keep fucking that chicken," but really, what is?