Yes, we've explored the ripe territory of the drunken antics on the Long Island Rail Road trains coming back from the Hamptons before but let's give it up to Inside Edition for having the courage to go into the belly of the beast: The Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays.

Boardy Barn, which our sources described as a "dirty circus tent with a bunch of people drinking beer under it," is only open on Sundays during the summer. And even that one day is probably more than the civilized world should be expected to tolerate. Undercover cameras sent into the fray by Inside Edition reveal a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare: young people drinking, carrying their beer in holsters or fanny packs (so hipster!), and singing Backstreet Boys.

MTA Police Chief Michael Coan tells Inside Edition that obviously "it's not a pleasant sight" but things could be worse: "Let's face it—we don't want them driving." He added that MTA police officers do monitor the cars and passengers.

"Fun" fact: The Barn sells more beer on a Sunday than Yankee Stadium or CitiField on a game day. Last year, the Post reported, "The East End watering hole's thirsty patrons -- who usually total more than 2,000 -- ran through an astounding 600 kegs of Budweiser in seven hours on the Sunday before Memorial Day, said a source familiar with the business.
The math is mind-boggling. With roughly 165 servings in a keg, the Boardy Barn sold nearly 100,000 cups of beer at $2 a pop."