Boy howdy, that storm last night was something, huh? It was like the gods were making love... out on the fire escape with a strobe light and an air horn pressed up against the window. Get a room you guys, amirite? Here's video of the Empire State Building getting struck by lighting three times—it really gets zapped hard around the 14 second mark:

There is surprisingly little news coverage of last night's epic thunderstorm, which makes us wonder what the MSM doesn't want us to know. But while we were cowering under the covers, YouTube user The2Coolest2 convinced his parents to let him go outside in the storm around midnight and get this vital documentary footage and commentary. ("It's cold!... I'm going to be quiet now for a few minutes. It's starting to pour now.") It's no Double Tornado All the Way, but it'll have to do for now.

Did you get caught outside during last night's storm? Did it make you want to hide under the bed with the dog? Because there's no shame in keeping a poor frightened animal company during a traumatic experience like what we went through last night.