Next Tuesday night BAM will host the Biking Rules PSA Festival, which will be followed by after-party in the BAM lobby with free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. The event is part of Transportation Alternative's initiative to get scofflaw cyclists to follow certain rules, such as giving pedestrians the right of way and obeying traffic lights. (But what about biking with a belly full of free beer?) Earlier this year, the group solicited imaginative PSAs to help promote their Biking Rules, and received submissions from more than 80 artists and filmmakers. Here's one of our favorites:

Tuesday night's program will be comprised of short narratives, animations, and documentaries promoting bicycling in NYC, with prizes for jury-selected films. The winning PSAs will be broadcast on local TV, at outdoor summer films, and at cultural venues like BAM.

Proceeds from the $11 tickets Tuesday night will benefit Transportation Alternatives, whose spokesman Wiley Norvell tells us, "These PSAs are going to help break some of the bad habits cyclists have picked up on NYC's unfriendly streets. Thousands of new cyclists are joining the ranks every month, and we want them thinking about things like putting pedestrians first."