Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has stopped talking about the mosque for a second and is now drawing attention to his Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo's attendance at Rep. Charles Rangel's birthday party at the Plaza Hotel. Lazio's campaign website says:

"Last night, Andrew Cuomo toasted Charlie Rangel, a dear friend and colleague in New York's Special Interest Government at the opulent Plaza Hotel. After extolling the virtues of Rangel, Cuomo returned to the underground subway passage he snuck into the Plaza through in order to escape the media scrutiny others faced when going into the event at the front door. Fortunately for the people of New York, it was noticed."

And here's the video:

The Daily Politics points out, "To be fair, others came and went by that entrance, and Cuomo did get up on stage to cheer Rangel, so it wasn't precisely like he was hiding his feelings for the guy, although it did take FOREVER for Cuomo's team to say whether or not he was actually going to the darn thing." Also, Cuomo is notoriously reticent with the press, but would it have killed him to say, "I was here to wish Rep. Rangel a happy birthday," because he was obviously there.