It couldn't have been scripted better: A cute receptionist helps catch a career criminal—thanks to her deep love for Law & Order: SVU—and then appears on the Today Show and gets props from Detective Olivia Benson herself! The other week, Justine Faeth, who works at City Lights in midtown, encountered a man who claimed he had to talk to an executive about a show with 50 Cent. She told him he'd have to set up an appointment—even giving him contact info—but he stuck around, saying he was sick.

She allowed him to get a cup of water, during which time he apparently stole a wallet, iPod, and cellphone from a co-worker's purse! Using her knowledge of TV detective work, Faeth saved the man's cup (and used tissue) for the cops, but was told they didn't need it so she threw them away... only for the cops to come back the next day and ask for them. The cup and tissue were still there and the DNA evidence led the cops to suspect Kevin Moore, who allegedly has committed similar robberies.

On the Today show, Faeth explained what happened to Ann Curry and Matt Lauer, who really excited about the great tie-in to another NBC Universal property. And then Mariska Hargitay, the actress who plays Detective Benson, called, praising the 24-year-old. Faeth was bashful, "'s kind of because of you."

Lauer said they were setting up a visit to the L&O: SVU set for Faeth. Hargitay said, "I think I could learn a few things from you!" while Faeth replied, "Oh, I love you...and I love Elliot [played by Christopher Meloni]... where's Elliot by the way?"