Larry Wilmore continued hitting controversial on his second episode of The Nightly Show on Tuesday, this time turning his attention to the hurricane of horrors that is Bill Cosby. Wilmore, who dubs Cosby's current comedy tour "Cosby's Tone Deaf Comedy Jam," comes out unequivocally on the side of the accusers. And he wants to know why people are having such a tough time believing those 35 women: "Really folks, how many more do we need?" he said. "Let's understand this number: that's like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every US president from George Washington to John F. Kennedy."

Wilmore followed that up with a panel to discuss why so many people are having a hard time believing the female accusers (and why there are no merchandizing opportunities for rape victims). "The proof is common sense, for crissakes," Wilmore said. "We don't have to turn off our brain just because the law says we're not supposed to make assumptions. I don't believe in that. Use common sense. Those stories are way too specific about it."

"To me, it really is just a simple case of here's a famous guy that people protected, and because of his fame, nobody wanted to believe it," Wilmore concludes. "I think it's really that simple."