The DOT launched a new PSA campaign today urging New Yorkers to be aware of their surroundings when crossing the street, riding their bikes, or driving their vehicles. Injured Knick Baron Davis was enlisted for the amusing one minute video spot, in which he admonishes pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to pay attention:

The video spot is accompanied by a print ad campaign on bus shelters citywide, each one promulgating the catchphrase “Know the code/share the road." According to the DOT, the “Heads Up” ads began appearing in April and "continue to be displayed at high-traffic locations across the city... Each ad will be placed at locations of serious traffic crashes. The ads also appeared on 250,000 coffee cup sleeves still available at delis and coffee shops around the city." So if you spill scalding coffee over yourself because you're distracted by one of the DOT's hilarious ads, you know who to sue!