It isn't every day that you see a kangaroo drop into a Petco on Third Avenue (although that did happen in 2011). So it's with great joy that we can report that a kangaroo named Buster was spotted hopping around Staten Island this morning.

"It was jumping around, enjoying the freedom and the fun," auto shop owner Urim Osmani told the News about the marsupial. Osmani noticed the four-foot tall hopper wandering near Alb's Auto Repair Shop on Travis Avenue about 8 a.m. Saturday. "We didn't know what it was. We thought it was a deer. When it came closer, we saw it was a kangaroo. We thought it disappeared from a zoo or something."

Check out video of Buster below.

It later turned out that Buster's owner, who lives in upstate NY, was visiting a friend on Staten Island when the kangaroo bounced free: Buster was "in a rear yard with a six-foot fence but managed to open the door." Lest you're worried about kangaroos developing velociraptor-like mastery of doors, a cop source added, "the gate to the rear yard was unsecure."

Buster got two more houses down before he was caught by cops. While kangaroos are not allowed in NYC since they are considered illegal pets ("All marsupials, including, but not limited to, Tasmanian devil, dasyure, bandicoot, kangaroo, wallaby, opossum, wombat, koala bear, cuscus, numbat and pigmy, sugar and greater glider"), no charges were filed against the owner since he was just visiting, and Buster remains in his custody.

Anyway, this reminds us of that time Woody Allen boxed a kangaroo, which was way more entertaining than Magic In The Moonlight.