Police are still investigating numerous alleged "knockout"-style attacks around the city— some of which may or may not be due to resentment at Jewish success—but Jon Stewart thinks the media very well may be overhyping the whole situation. "[The media has] never done that before," he noted. "Well, there was that…all the time." After going through numerous examples of overhyped teen trend stories (car surfing, butt pinching, arm biting), Stewart brings up a slightly less-hyped form of attack: "People shooting other people. It's called the shoot-y game."

Stewart's remarks come just as police announced that a Long Island man has been arrested for several alleged knockout attacks over the last eight months. Darryl Mitchell, 20, is accused of attacking at least seven people for no apparent reason between April and December, according to Suffolk County cops. The victims ranged in age from 17 to 69.

In addition, a waiter at a SoHo restaurant claims that he was attacked as well. Imran Ramin, 24, told the News that he had just left Aquagrill on Spring Street around 12:30 a.m. Sunday when he was attacked by three people. "The big tough guy, he looked angry like he was preparing to kill somebody,” Ramin said of his alleged attacker, 24-year-old Jason Wren. "All of sudden he goes like that and punches me."

Ramin's eye was left swollen, bruised and bloodshot from the punch. Wren, from East Orange, NJ, was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment in the second degree. "I don't feel safe anymore. This guy punched me for no reason,” said Ramin. "I didn't say anything to him, I didn't do anything to him. I'm scared to go outside."