Now that future overlord Mitt Romney has surmounted President Obama's insurmountable lead and is surging in the polls, Jon Stewart took a closer look at Romney's plans for how he's actually going to deal with that immoral national debt. And he found that there's almost nothing Romney wants to cut besides PBS. “In fact, Romney hasn’t specified a single deduction,” Stewart said. “Dude couldn’t be more vague if he were an HBO season finale.” So his only conclusion: "Are you a wizard?" Watch it below.

Other important questions: "Do you know or have you ever captured a leprechaun? Is there a goose in your house whose eggs, when said goose produces them, are gigantic and un-liftably heavy?" Should we really be surprised that over the last year of campaigning, Romney has continually contradicted himself? It's gotten to the point where it seems absolutely ridiculous that someone like Buzz Bissinger would try to argue that the "real" Romney stepped up at last week's debate. But if you're not convinced, just watch below: