NJ Governor and "part-time Bobby Bacala impersonator" Chris Christie has been playing coy with Republicans for months over whether he might run for president. Oh wait, no, he hasn't done that at all. After once again denying any interest in running for president yesterday at the Reagan library, Jon Stewart parsed Christie's "inscrutable" nature...by pointing to the many unequivocal "no's" he's given on the subject (you can watch the segment below). However, a new report this morning might force Stewart to revisit this topic yet again in the near future.

According to the Post, all the Republicans' desperate prodding has paid off: Christie is now "giving serious thought" to running for president, and he may make an announcement to do so as early as this Monday. Christie insiders told them that he had a “mind-blowing” experience at the Reagan library yesterday which may have changed his thinking.

Add to that the fact several Republicans he idolizes, including former First Lady Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former President George W. Bush, have all contacted him this week to encourage him to run, and suddenly everything's coming up Milhouse: “It’s more than just flattering," one source said.

Of course, we heard a very similar report about this topic last week, which also came from the Post, so maybe Rupert Murdoch is just super psyched about sharing helicopter rides with the big man. Longtime Republican strategist/enforcer Roger Stone doesn't buy the story either: “Running an effective campaign for president takes years of preparation and planning and can’t be done by the seat of your pants,” he said.

In addition, other insiders tell the Daily News that Christie has learned from President Obama, and would be foolish to run with so little experience: "Chris has the good common sense to know that two years as a governor is not enough experience to make you ready to be President," a "prominent campaign 2012 player" told the News. Nobody wants to be a Fred Thompson, after all!

If this turns out to be yet another tease with nothing behind it, let us allow Stewart to have the last comment on the Christie non-presidential run: "He said no. And if I remember from my freshman dorm orientation correctly, no means no. So back up. No 'aw c'mon baby can we just form an exploratory committee. Aw c'mon baby, let me touch your Super PAC.' No. Chris Christie has given you his answer, so stop grinding up against him and asking to just put the tip in."