Amidst rumors that he'll be running for governor against Chris Christie (or just run for Senate the next year), Newark's "rock star mayor" Cory Booker dropped by The Daily Show for a long (three part!) chat with Jon Stewart last night. The pair talked about everything from his SNAP diet, the power of twitter, the job of politicians, policy and of course, Chris Christie (but it wasn't all serious, Bing got mentioned too). Maybe Booker really is running for governor next year.

Here's the first part, in which he talks SNAP, Twitter, and the role of government in empowering its citizens to succeed:

When they got back Booker went and talked about his policy differences with Christie, who he called a "good friend" despite there being "definite areas where we disagree and that is why I am considering a run." He went on to explain his belief that "government has to be more efficient" but also has to invest in the future:

And finally Booker got really serious (in an already serious conversation) to warn of a permanent recession if we don't take education seriously. "We are not preparing our workforce for a 21st century economy," he told Stewart. "We can not have a 21st century global leading economy if we do not have a 21st century global leading education system—they are intrinsically tied."

In the end though our favorite bit might be right after the 5 minute mark where Booker corrects Stewart's basic American history. This guy is really going places, eh?